Covid-19 Safe Working Policy



•    JE coaches to self-declare they have no symptoms of covid-19. They must always take their temperature on

       arrival at each school and follow good hygiene practices and hand washing.

    If anyone becomes unwell during the sessions, they should remain 2 metres away from all participants and

      coach should follow Part 2 of JE covid-19 policy

•    Social distancing, all children will remain 2 metres apart from all other participants on the class. Their safe

        are will be marked out with either a cone or a Judo mat.

•    Any equipment used in the session will NOT be shared and must be for that individual only, it will also be

        sanitised after every session.

•    Every participant must wash their hand for 20 seconds before and after every session.
       Young children must be supervised by a staff member.

•    Maximum class size must not exceed 15 pupils. These pupils must be working together for the whole school

       day and not mix with any other group.

•   Where possible sessions must take place outdoors.


1.    JE will deliver high quality sessions which are both Fun and Safe.
2.    JE will endeavour to keep all children and staff safe.
3.    Endeavour to keep JE staff safe at all times.


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